Step By Step Air Conditioner Maintenance Guide

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner MaintenanceIs the efficiency of your air conditioner giving you reasons to dump it? Don’t ditch it yet. Perhaps it’s the debris that is killing the fans. Or maybe it is just a bolt that ran loose and needs tightening.

A well maintained air conditioner shouldn’t have a problem working as new even if it’s a decade old. In fact, air conditioners can last more than 15 years delivering great services. However, that only happens when it is well maintained and regularly taken care of. Doing regular maintenance not only helps increase efficiency but also helps in reducing breakdowns. This write-up is a step by step guide on how to maintain your air conditioner.

What you will need in the maintenance:

1. Screwdriver
2. Fin cleaning spray
3. Garden vacuum
4. Fin straightener or a Butter knife

1. Switch Off the Power

First things first. You’d want to ensure that all goes well in your maintenance process and the first thing to do is to eliminate any hazards. Electricity isn’t anything you want to take chances with. Switching off power also helps avoid injuries since the air conditioner moving parts could be injurious. You can turn off power from the outdoor shutoff or from the main switch board.

2. Get Rid of Litter and Debris

More often unwanted debris like leaves and sticks get through the fan openings. To remove them, carefully open the fan cage using a screwdriver and start removing the litter. After that you can start removing the debris manually by hand or using a vacuum.

3. Clean the Fins

Fins being exposed parts also attract a lot of dirt which ends up clogging and reducing the efficiency. To clean the fins, first dust with a piece of cloth or vacuum and then use a fin cleaning spray to clean it.

4. Do Regular Fin Straightening

Yet another thing that many people ignore is to straighten the fins. With time, the fins start to get some bends, probably due to external exposure. This limits the air conditioner functioning as time goes. To straighten the fins, gently use a specialized fin straightener or a butter knife. Also be careful not to damage the fins inner tubing in the process.

5. Have a Professional Clean the Ducts and Vents.

Cleaning the ducts and vents is equally important in maintaining your air conditioner. However, not many people can go beyond dusting. This is where you need to call in an expert to do some thorough cleaning on the ducts and vents.

6. Regularly Change the AC Filters

If your filter hasn’t been changed for a year and you have had no problems, then your air conditioner is in some gracious survival mode. The filter traps a lot of dirt which slows the air conditioner efficiency. AC filter needs to be changed once in a few months. When making the replacement, make sure to follow the manufacturer instructions.

That’s it. You can now turn the power back on and enjoy a more efficient air conditioner. Keep doing regular maintenance and you will keep your air conditioner working like new for years to come.

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