Ventilation Fix

Is the Ventilation not working in your home or office? We will fix it as soon as possible!


Sometimes your heating and cooling systems may breakdown and you may not be able to get someone to fix your system on time and at a fair price. JDF services is what you should always consider just in case you experience any problem related to heating and cooling systems. The company was founded by Steve White who is the CEO, and his son John Horis, who is the company’s driver.The company has specialized in all HVAC services from repairing heating accessories, ventilation fix to air conditioners repair.

The company is located in 4634 Burdett avenue, Victoria, BC. There are many problems that may arise when your air conditioners are faulty in the office or even at home. It may be too cold or even too hot and if the problem is not addressed on time, it may lead to undesirable consequences discomfort being the main problem. This company seeks to eliminate the problem of having to wait for so long for the condition to be attended to. All you have to do is call and a HVAC specialist will attend to the problem in the shortest time possible.You will have to give a brief explanation about the problem and the company will tell you the possible cost of the repair. The named price may vary when the specialist arrives to your home but the company will always charge genuinely.

Reasons why this company should always be your first choice include;

  1. Quick response as you only need to contact them and give out your address.
  2. The company has experienced HVAC expert who will attend to the problem and guarantee a better performance of your device.
  3. You only have to contact them hence no wastage of time looking for HVAC specialist on the streets.
  4. The company will always have reasonable charges on the repairs and hence its affordable.