Most Common Issues with HVAC

Do you know the most common hiccups that happen with your HVAC system?

First of all before we speak about the problems these devices usually have, we need to speak about the purposes of these systems. These system are meant to keep your environment healthy and clean, and you happy and healthy. These devices mostly occur in offices and homes. However, there are times when you need to clean or service them yourself, because these is no one around.


If your device is dusty or not working properly it can affect the performance and efficiency of it, and even worse, if you don’t take care of it fast, it can affect your or others health too!

Most of the cases, these problems are very easy to solve, even where is no HVAC specialist around. I know most of you are not trained HVAC specialist, and sometimes it is hard to spot these issues for even us too, that is why we would like to tell you about these a little bit.

If your unit is leaking, or not cooling your home or office properly, then there is an issue that you can not fix, and call us to take care of it!

Not enough or Poor Airflow

The most common issue we face with, and get called with is there is not enough airflow coming from an HVAC unit. There a few simple things that can cause this issue. We are definately sure, that you will find the problem in the case of your AC unit. There is an air filter that collects and traps dust what are in your HVAC unit, and as it catches those molecules, after a month or two they add up, and can clog the air filter itself. That is why we recommend that you change your air filter at least once in two months.


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