Why The Cost of An Air Conditioner Doesn’t Matter

Many people have always had the believe that the more costlier the appliance, the better it is. Although air conditioner costs are an important consideration to make when shopping for a home cooling unit, there are many other factors that […]

Why You Should Upgrade To A Central Air Conditioner

When summer temperatures soar and humidity rises, indoor life can become miserable — working, relaxing and even getting peaceful sleep can become almost impossible. In severely hot weather most people dream of ways to cool their homes and workplaces. One […]

5 Sustainable HVAC Energy saving Tips


Be it the freezing winter season or one burning summer, we all know that maintaining your HVAC can sometimes pile up crazy bills. In many households heating and cooling alone contribute to over 40% of their electricity bills. How about […]

Step By Step Air Conditioner Maintenance Guide

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Is the efficiency of your air conditioner giving you reasons to dump it? Don’t ditch it yet. Perhaps it’s the debris that is killing the fans. Or maybe it is just a bolt that ran loose and needs tightening. A […]