5 Sustainable HVAC Energy saving Tips


hvacBe it the freezing winter season or one burning summer, we all know that maintaining your HVAC can sometimes pile up crazy bills. In many households heating and cooling alone contribute to over 40% of their electricity bills. How about we help you out by listing down 5 proven ways to save energy and money in your home? Here you go:

Ensure that the HVAC system is Well Installed

Most homeowners don’t keep in mind the installation which in turn gets more expensive with time. Improper installation is said to hike energy consumption by up to 30%. So be it a new installation or a replacement, you shouldn’t take chances on whoever is doing the installation.

Replace Old HVAC Units with Newer Models.

Although there are still old HVAC units that are energy efficient, most of them have turned out to be dregs. Advanced air conditioners and heating systems are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Most modern HVAC systems could cost you an arm and leg but it is more energy saving which makes it cheap in the long-run.

Regularly Check The Ducts and Vents

While most people think that cleaning ducts does it all, the unit’s efficiency demands much more. Ducts and vents sometimes accidentally get blocked which requires thoroughness when cleaning. If you don’t have much experience on this, you can always seek the help of an expert.

It isn’t also rare to find duct seals breaking due to wear and tear. In such a case, you need to insulate the duct by sealing with tapes or Aero-seals.

Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostats

Among some of the goodies that come with modern technology is the ability to use programmable thermostats. Unlike the old fallible HVAC systems, using a programmable thermostat has showed sensible energy usage while also improving efficiency.

Cover the HVAC From Debris

When your fan is installed in the open, it is exposed to lots of debris, dirt and the sun. This increases the chance of accumulating dirt entering the unit which consequently increases its vulnerability to damages.

To keep your HVAC outdoor unit in good shape, you should always make sure that it doesn’t get debris exposure. Common leaf guards work best in doing this.

Change your Air Filter Regularly

Perhaps one of the most common yet often forgotten maintenance practice is to always replace your air conditioner filter. Regularly checking and replacing your air filters helps to maintain a stable air flow and controlled heat environment in your home. While making the replacement it is always important to make sure that the filter is genuine and fully compatible with your unit. On that score, ENERGY-STAR certification is important.

Ensure regular maintenance

Did you know that regular maintenance can reduce your bills by up to 40%? Doing regular checks and maintenance ensures that all parts are working as they should and there are no faults causing energy misuse.

Final Word

As far as energy saving and HVAC system efficiency is concerned, keeping regular checks has proven to be a big time a saver.

If these maintenance requirements turn out to be complicated on your end, ringing a maintenance expert around you is always a great option.

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