Heating Repair

Is your heater not pushing out enough heat? Call us, tell us…

Ventilation Fix

Is the Ventilation not working in your home or office? We will…
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Air Conditioner Repair

It's summer, and your air conditioner is not working? Call us, we…


JDF Services LLC. was started as a family business by me and my son John. As we both loved fixing things, and had the education to fix HVAC devices, we thought why should not we open a company together, and work as a family? So that is what we did back in 2007, and now we have several headquarters in the states!



John Horis



The first thing you will have to do is call us, and tell us what the problem is. Then we will give you an estimated price related to your problem. Please note that this price can change, if we arrive at your house and see other problems! After that we will go to the address you gave us, and we will fix the broken devices.

Where can you find us?

4634 Burdett Avenue, Victoria, BC, Canada


Most Common Issues with HVAC

Do you know the most common hiccups that happen with your HVAC system? First of all before we speak about the problems these devices usually have, we need to speak about the purposes of these systems. These system are meant […]

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